Reliable Backups - Quick Restoration

It is an unfortunate reality that most companies do not have a true backup plan in place. Once and a while they may copy some files to a flash drive or cd, but that is not sufficient. If your company's computers or servers crash and loose all of their data how much damage will that cause your company? Hard drives are mechanical devices and will eventually fail. The question is not how prepared are you if they fail, it is how prepared are you when they fail?

Many business adopt one of two different backup methods. The first is on-site backup, which typically consists of an external hard drive hooked to a computer that manages backups (on demand, once a month, once a day, etc). This plan works well if the computers hard drive fails under normal circumstances. What happens when a lighning strike, fire, or flood destroys both?

The other plan is off-site backup. This method protects you from the distasters listed above, but how long does it take for you to get your data back? Many users of online backup services wait days, weeks, or even months to download a full copy of their data.

Just Smart Guys offers a hybrid service to our customers. We will securely store backups at your location, as well as a full copy in our facility closest to you. If your on-site backup fails, we can have your data to you on the same day.

Additionally, we can securely store full copies of your servers in a major data center. Almost instantaneously, we can create a temporary server with your data and make it available to you. The temporary server will have all of the same capabilities as the one in your office and your machines will access it the same. Your company can keep on going as if nothing ever happened.

Why Off-Site Backup?

Why do I need off-site backup, and why should I choose Just Smart Guys:

  • Instant Off-Site Servers
  • Protected From Fire & Flood
  • Same Day Recovery
  • Reliable Backups On-Site
  • Reliable Backups Off-Site
  • Full, Differential, and Incremental
  • More...

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